tecomThroughout the Dubai Technology, E-Commerce and Media Free Zone (TECOM), savvy business investors will find a wide range of Dubai real estate in which to make a solid investment. This unique area in Dubai has several free zones within its borders dedicated to information and communication. Entrepreneurs will find themselves right at home in TECOM.

One of the free zones within TECOM is Dubai Internet City. DIC is an international community of Internet commerce and technology companies centralized in one location. Some of these are globally known companies, like Dell, IBM and Microsoft, while others are smaller startups with great potential. The businesses found here revolve around e-commerce, web based enterprises, software developers, consultants, sales and marketing and back office services. Commercial Dubai property in Dubai Internet City makes an excellent choice for motivated entrepreneurial individuals and companies looking to find a place in the global Internet marketplace.

TECOM is also home to Dubai Media City (DMC). Here media-related businesses can set up a base to spread their messages around the globe. DMC is not limited to television and radio media, although these have a strong presence, but also caters to print and publishing, the music industry and even informational services.

The Dubai Outsource Zone (DOZ) provides the outsourcing industry with its first free zone. Here outsourcing ventures can operate in a tax-free environment, providing a cost-effective way to outsource services that are not handled in-house. Businesses in Europe, the U.S. and the U.A.E. can all utilize this outsourcing zone.

The International Media Production Zone (IMPZ), another zone within TECOM, is an eco-friendly media production zone. It features a variety of options, including land ready for construction and commercial units already developed and available for rent. In addition, IMPZ has residential Dubai properties that appeal to a variety of budgets, including luxury villas, townhouses and apartments, all surrounded by recreational amenities. These residential and commercial spaces sit along Emirates Road, making them a sound investment, both for the investor looking to buy and sell real estate for a profit, and for the individual buyer looking for a place to live that is near employment and entertainment venues.

Dubai Studio City (DSC) was created for the film, TV and music production industries, with a complete community infrastructure designed to allow producers to complete the entire production process in one place. From set and costume design to casting to production and post-production facilities, DSC gives producers all the necessary tools for quality films, shows and recordings.

Finally, the last free zone in TECOM is Dubai Biotechnology and Research Park (DuBiotech). Here the Foundation for Research & Innovation and will work on government-funded research and development. Also, DuBiotech will have a biotechnology infrastructure with labs, educational institutions and suppliers for those working in the biotechnology fields.

There are still many properties for sale and rent in TECOM, including both commercial and residential options. If you are ready to invest in this thriving business district and take advantage of the free zone for your business endeavors, talk to one of our qualified real estate agents. We will be happy to assist you in finding the right property and completing your transaction quickly and successfully.

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