Arabian Ranches Villas

arabian-ranches-villas_01Can anything be more filled with mystique than owning a Dubai property at Arabian Ranches? The name alone gives an air of mystery. At this Dubai real estate property, the prevailing theme is to live in a desert paradise.

Following is a quick rundown of the apartments, townhouses and villas available at Arabian Ranches.

The Alvorada villas exude a friendly Portuguese charm. From the dome-shaped windows and doorways to the curved walls, the units available for sale here are sized just right. It gets its Portuguese flavor from the terracotta roofs and ornamental turrets that reveal its Portuguese style.

You have a choice between a 3-br or 5-br unit should you choose a villa here. All units guarantee spacious rooms with private balconies. Well-kept gardens and serene settings complete the perfect picture and what makes Arabian Ranches villas so special.

The Al Mahra is composed of luxury villas set out on the Desert Course. Each dwelling is Arabic in architectural design and you have no less than 10 different floor plans to choose from.

Each unit is characterized by Mashrabia details, and this is complemented with desert tones and colors so that it blends well with its environment. You can also expect Gypsum ornaments, archway, alcoves, and domes to complete the Arabic feel of each structure.

The Gazelle is a Dubai real estate community development that sprawls over 208 acres. It is composed of three sections or themes which face an impressive lake that's developed over two levels. Once completed, structures in this section will offer luxurious villas showcasing both Arabic and Spanish designs.

The Hattan, situated on the Desert Golf Course at Arabian Ranches, offers the most coveted villas in this area. Options are up for single-family detached dwellings, which showcase a combination of traditional Arab and modern designs. Each villa comes with an enclosed courtyard, and open terrace.

La Colección is a set of well-appointed villas that feature Spanish-inspired architecture. Set nearby the Desert Course, 2-story detached single family homes are available in this section of this massive Dubai property.

The Palmera is composed of single-family attached villas, which also show a Spanish-inspired theme. Unit sizes range from 1,889 to 2,936 square feet each.

The Saheel, on the other hand, features a contemporary feel for homeowners. Each unit is spacious, yet not too big; each has great views, but the views are subtle and not too loud.

Units are available as 1-story or 2-storeys, 3-br or 5-br. Unit sizes range from 3,166 to 5,308 square feet.

The Saheel Golf Homes offer villas that look over the Desert Course, which is one of the more popular championship courses in the world. So if you are a golf enthusiast, it's hard to pass up a villa at the Saheel Golf Homes.

Units are available as 1-story or 2-storeys, 3-br or 5-br. Unit sizes range from 4,849 to 5,308 square feet.

The Savannah offers villas for those who are living (or are after) the most luxurious of lifestyles. More than 200 dwellings are situated over 79 acres of desert land. It is equipped with equestrian and polo grounds, well-kept gardens, scenic lakes, an internationally renowned golf course and excellent spa facilities.

Units are available as single family detached homes, with 3-br, 4-br and 5-br options. Unit sizes range from 3,216 to 6,185 square feet.

Following is a quick rundown of unit features.

•    High-end lightings, fixtures and fittings.
•    High ceilings for excellent spaciousness.
•    Fine kitchen cabinetry; granite countertops.
•    All bedrooms feature built-in wardrobes and an ensuite.
•    Front yard with enclosed carport for two cars.
•    Hi-speed internet access.
•    Fireplace.

The Terra Nova, on the other hand, offers Santa Fe-themed villas. Built on the Desert Golf Course, each unit is spacious, comfortable and offers excellent access to golf facilities.

Interested in any of these excellent Dubai properties? If so, contact us. Your dream property investment may not be as far off from reality as you thought. Our property agents will promptly provide you with a list of Arabian Ranches villas for sale at great prices from our full range of Al Mahra, Al Reem, Alma, Alvoroda, Hattan, La Avineda, Mirador, Mirador La Collection, Palmera, Saheel, Savanah and Terra Nova villas.


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